Akeoplus is a solutions provider company for the future factory, specialized in robotics and vision systems. It enables its customers to integrate a scalable 4.0 colleague, in order to reach the next industrial revolution goals.

Akeoplus solutions improve the companies industrial performance by offering productivity, flexibility and autonomy. The return of investment is immediate: by removing low value-added tasks, colleagues become more productive, work conditions are better, and reliability and traceability are maximized.

Which kinds of solution are offered by Akeoplus? To be really close to customers’ needs, autonomous and evolving solutions are proposed, thanks to Akeoplus expertise and knowledges.

  • Picking & Grasping: this solution can be used to practice parts unloading, palletizing, and so on. The Akeoplus systems are smart, robust and adaptable from small to big parts.
  • Assembly & Transport: this solution enables assembling and transport of all kinds of parts. Thanks to those new technologies the productivity gain is immediate, in a working environment where human and robots work together.
  • Dimensional measurement: this solution is useful to control sizes, integrity and internal defects of all kinds of parts, thanks to 2D and 3D sensors integrated in a robotic arm.
  • Aspect Defect Detection: Akeoplus aspect defect detection enables control about all kinds of parts: cracking, stains, scratches… Thanks to a new technology, learning and configuration of new defects are possible directly by operators.
  • Machining and Finishing: Akeoplus developed a series of systems that allow the milling, drilling, laser engraving or micro percuting of parts. The configuration and the evolution of the system are remaining flexible thanks to the polyarticulated robot.

Thanks to its expertise service, Akeoplus also realize specifics machines, to be really close to customer’s needs. For more information: www.akeoplus.com or info@akeoplus.com