UNIMORE- Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia

UNIMORE, Intermech MO.RE. is the Interdepartmental Centre for applied research in Automotive Design, Advanced Mechanics and Materials of the Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. UNIMORE is part of the High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna and it was purposely created to promote both cutting-edge industry-driven research and technology transfer between academia and industry. Intermech MO.RE .is formed of about 100 skilled staff members and is the result of the merging process of several accredited laboratories for both virtual simulation and experimental testing, divided in the areas of Integrated Design and Simulation, Industrial Robotics, Vibrations, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Engine Testing, Micromanufacturing, Machine Design and Structural Optimization. The overall result is a synergic organization which offers cross disciplinary high-level skills in many fields of engineering. UNIMORE scientific and technical application oriented excellence is confirmed by the large amount of research contracts with private companies. In addition, UNIMORE is currently involved in several national and international (EU grants) research projects funded by public entities. Industry-driven research and experimental evaluation is carried out by means of the latest generation equipment as, for example: Industrial Robot (IR) Cells, IR electric power monitoring, Servomechanisms testing equipment, CMMs and metrology instrumentation, material testing machines (static and dynamic), and sensory tools at all levels. In addition, numerical optimization and virtual prototyping & simulation activities are carried out thanks to the availability of the latest generation commercial and customized software.