ColRobot: KUKA Sunrise Toolbox for MATLAB now available!!!

Researchers Mohammad Safeea and Pedro Neto at University of Coimbra released on GitHub a KUKA Sunrise Toolbox for MATLAB

The KUKA Sunrise Toolbox (KST) is the first toolbox to interface KUKA Sunrise.OS using MATLAB. The KST facilitates the integration of external hardware and software into robots equipped with the KUKA Sunrise.OS controller (KUKA LBR iiwa and KMR). The KST can be used in education, research and industry. Owing to its MATLAB interface KST allows to speed up the development of applications for KUKA Sunrise.OS. Moreover, it makes the development of robot applications accessible to people with basic skills in MATLAB, even if they are not experts in programming.

See demo video on interfacing robots with MATLAB